Nov 252012

New York CityNew York has become famous for its reduction in crime in the last decade or so. It is considered a safe city to live in and to visit. Why then would New York executive protection be deemed necessary?

New York is a magnet for people with money and power. Fashion shows, movie premiers, and corporate events are hosted here frequently. These draw celebrities, politicians, and also executives who finance these events. Many major corporations are based in New York as well, and their CEOs cannot be expected to stay within doors 24 hours a day. At work, at home, and everywhere in between, these individuals are vulnerable. There are various types of crime from which the perpetrator can hope to leverage vast amounts of money, such as kidnapping. This applies to the corporate figure and to his closest family members and friends.

How does an executive remain safe under these circumstances? Should he hide away? He cannot expect the New York police department to divert services and keep an eye on his personal safety and that of his loved ones. In fact, he does not expect this level of service. He has the money, so he hires a bodyguard service.

These are not your ordinary bodyguards either. Professional protection services are created by handpicking trained individuals from certain areas. They are highly skilled police officers and secret service agents.

Such men are not just big guys with big guns. These professional protection agents possess the skills to minimize a situation so that as little disruption as possible is caused to the client. She does not necessarily want to be subjected to the drama of a potentially dangerous event, even if the perpetrator has been subdued and the danger is over. Discretion is not just about keeping personal information about a client secret; it is about keeping an executive out of the spotlight when she has been the object of threatening behavior.

The best way to keep the drama to a minimum is to create a barrier between the client and the danger. Bodyguards are trained and paid to maintain this barrier so the client may not necessarily be aware of what might have happened on a given day until she reads the brief.

Other clients that protection agents work for include movie actors and actresses, fashion models, and visiting dignitaries. They will work at an event for a single day, or can be hired to become the personal bodyguards for specific individuals. As long as New York thrives, her important figures will attract the attention of bad people.