Mar 312011

After the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City the need for executive protection became more pronounced than before. Because the top business people such as the president, vice president and other high up officials are a major asset to any company the need to protect them became even more obvious. New York has some of the most heart felt competition in the business world. When others get an attitude about losing a deal to someone else there may be problems for the top guys.

There are companies whose sole responsibility is to retain the best body guards in the area. They hire only the top guys in their body guard training classes. Those who can shoot precisely all the time are also considered the best assets to have on the payroll. Extensive training in self defense and how to put a man out of commission in one strike is required. The amount of hours that each individual goes through of grueling work so they can be the best is astronomical.

New York Executive Protection is a very good idea for other reasons as well. These guys are trained on surveillance. They use night vision goggles for outside work at night. This gives them the advantage over any opposition they come across. They are experts in putting up surveillance systems too. This is one of the ways in which they keep their target safe. By being able to keep an eye on him or her night and day they can better serve the client. Other safety precautions are also used. Putting in special fences with gate houses is one. The gate house is stationed with a guard who is armed. They screen all visitors and request permission on all other callers who may not be expected. The appointment schedule is always something they keep track of too. This tells them where their mark is every minute of every day. They even map out the routes that will be taken. Some of these routes are along unsavory territory. Just hitting the brakes can become an armed attack for the client. Watching for the signs that lead up to this is what these men and women do the best. In some cases the cars in which the client rides are also bullet proof.

The need for Executive Protection in New York is high. There are a lot of officers trying to keep the peace but they cannot be everywhere all the time. In the spaces between real crimes there are body guards just waiting to keep another family safe from harm.